All a matter of perspective.

I got 4 hours sleep last night due to a dog who refused to settle.  For no apparent reason he was agitated and kept wanting to go outside constantly.  Every time my head hit the pillow he was pawing at me to get up again.

 This meant that I struggled to get up this morning and I’m shattered. My eyelids need scaffolding just to keep them up and open!

 Before I learnt how the mind works, with my old way of thinking I would have been pretty grumpy all day and you can bet that everyone would have heard about it.  I’ve no doubt that I also would have been slumped over my desk frantically consuming as many carbohydrates as possible and drowning myself in coffee, just to stay awake.  Then I would have spent the rest of the day blaming the dog for the fact that I’d just blown my diet by eating enough calories to last a week whilst feeling sluggish and uncomfortable.  Oh, and then being grumpy because of that as well.

 Most of us have been there, right.

 That was the old me, before I realised that I get to choose my thoughts and how I feel. Before I learnt why you get cravings for sugar and carbohydrates when you’re tired.  Before I knew that circumstances and other people don’t have any control over how I show up in the world, even when I’m sleep deprived.

 You get to choose your thoughts.

 Does that sound weird to you?

 Ok, so some thoughts are harder to un-choose, I get that, but learning that I’m in control of my mind, and not the other way around, was a real game changer for me and it can be for you too.  Seeing the glass half full has such a positive impact.

 So now, when I’m sleep deprived I’m not stuck in a cycle of dwelling on the negativity of it all.  I’m not moaning or complaining about it, and life in general, because I don’t choose to think that way anymore.  Those thoughts didn’t serve me.  They didn’t make me feel any better and, in fact, they actually just made me feel worse. 

 It takes work, of course, but that’s because the negative thoughts,have been rattling around for a very long time.  We’ve chosen them for such a long time that they now happen almost unconsciously.  But they don’t have to.

 If you’re keen to change them, and want to learn how, drop me a message and let’s have a chat.